Friday, August 18, 2006

ezSkin iPod Protector

This item has been sitting in the review “vault” for a while. The reason is simple: the skin is for a 5th generation iPod...and my iPod was only a 3rd generation. My 3G iPod had a basic silicone case I bought from some no-name store online. While it gets the job done, it wasn’t anything to write home about. Then the MacPro came out with a iPod rebate deal, so I finally have a 5th generation iPod and can find out what this whole “Lost” phenomenon is all about.

Upon first using the ezSkin, I immediately noticed the quality of the plastic. The case has a very tactile feel and even with sweaty hands, the case was still easy to grip. Unlike other cases I have tested, the iPod click wheel remains extremely responsive and makes “scrubbing” quite easy.. I was able to play breakout quite well! Actually, I found the ezSkin to be an improvement over the original click wheel design because of the matte finish. Ever notice that your laptop trackpad has a matte finish? There’s a reason a matte finish is better! Such quality does cost more though. Retail for an ezSkin is about $30.00.

Unlike it's cheaper competitors, the ezSkin includes a hard plastic cover for the display thus providing 360 degrees of protection. It even has the belt clip and belt clip attachment. While I don’t know if IÂ’d trust my iPod to this clip, it makes it easier to store in the car on my dash.

Note that silicon style cases such as the ezSkin are great for protecting against scratches but are not impact resistant, thus if you drop your iPod while in an ezSkin, you’ll only be slightly better off than if you dropped it naked. If you think you might be rough on your iPod, always carry it in a impact resistant case (stay tuned for reviews!)

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this case and consider it hands down the best silicone case for protecting your iPod.

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Pros: Great protective case that doesn't interrupt general usage
Cons: Not impact resistant