Monday, September 04, 2006

earPod: your earbuds best friend

Continuing along with my recent theme of great iPod accessories, my handiest unexpectedly brilliant iPod accessory is the earPod.

I love my Etymotic Research, Inc. - ER•6i Isolator Earphones. However, like most iPod users, I hate the way my cord constantly gets tangles and develops damaging knots. I’ve tried all sorts of methods of properly storing them. The earPod is the only one I’ve seen that fixes this.

The earPod is approximately one inch think and three inches across. It reminds me of a mini “moon pie”. . earPods are made out of a hard plastic and in my experience are virtually indestructible. I’ve thrown mine at the bottom of luggage and stepped on it countless times with zero damage. After a year of using my earPod, I’ve had no cracks or damage to the plastic. With some earbud style headphones costing as much as $500, protection like this is a must. Those little “pouches” expensive headphones come in are a joke.

To use the earPod to store your earbuds, you slip the top of the case off its hinge. The process is extremely easy once you get the hang of it and can easily be done with one hand. Inside the earPod is a think foam that cushions your earpod and collects some of the wax that invariably develops on the earbuds.

Once the earbuds are inside you slip the top of the case back and lock it in place. You then simply wrap the cord around the earPod and then just slip the headphone jack within the wrapped cord. It’s quick and easy to load and unload. It even includes a beltclip.

Pros: Perfectly protects your earbud style headphones.
Cons: Absolutely none!

Click on the word earPod for more information at Amazon's website.