Monday, September 25, 2006

The iPod Playlist Book

by Clif Colby

This review is short, because this book is short. The one redeeming quality of this book is there is no doubts what it is about: a book of playlists. No iPod tips or tricks, no troubleshooting guides, not even history about the songs. The playlists aren’t from famous people. This is simply a cute book of sample playlists for different events such as “Songs for Crying in your Beer” or “Martini Time.”

This is one of those fun little gifts you see at a the mini book that has 6 pages and is 2 inches tall that has different ways to say I love you. This is a good stocking stuffer to elicit a smile or great book for a waiting room at a doctor’s office.

The book is cute, and that’s about it. Sometimes the world needs a few more smiles

Pros: Makes you smile and chuckle
Cons: Serves no useful purpose besides making you smile. Nothing particularly iPod related

2 out of 5 dogs cows