Sunday, March 04, 2007

PowerSlides by MacXware

Personally, I am a Keynote junkie. I think I’m going to put in my will that my eulogy be done in Keynote. While I’ve used PowerPoint in the past, once Keynote was released I’ve never gone back.

Unfortunately, because I use the program so much, I (and my audience) get quite bored with the standard backgrounds included by Apple. I’ve gotten so bored that I’ll occasionally import backgrounds from PowerPoint, but that’s so PC! Sure I could design my backgrounds, however I have absolutely no design skills. If I was a good designer, I probably wouldn’t be using Keynote so much in the first place.

When I read about PowerSlides I knew I found the product that would save people from seeing the standard chalkboard background I used for practically every presentation. The product can be used for either Keynote or PowerPoint and retails for $39.99.

PowerSlides includes a series of 500 backgrounds, fonts and 50 template sets designed for primarily for presentations. However, because the backgrounds are jpg files, I’ve used them for everything from desktop backgrounds on my Mac to matting for my iPhotos. I’ve even put many of the jpegs in rotation on my screen saver because they are so visually stunning.

The template sets are the key reason to buy PowerSlides. Template sets combine the backgrounds, fonts and visual elements in create a complete package for your presentations . After field testing many of these templates, viewers were impressed with something different for a change! Exit surveys from my presentation indicated a higher level of satisfaction. Not only were the templates different but some include design elements that help move the presentation along. For example, one template called “Apple-Progessive” uses a picture of an apple being munched upon as a visual cue of where you are in your presentation. You start with a full apple and each slide shows more bites out of the apple, until you get to the end where there is but a core left. Other visual clues include a running man moving along towards a finish line or a seedling growing into a full flower.

PowerSlides is an ideal investment for anyone that uses PowerPoint or Keynote to make presentations on a regular basis (user groups especially). Not only will your presentations appear fresh and unique, but PowerSlides unique visual elements can be used to keep your audience engaged and involved.

Just imagine if Al Gore had used PowerSlides during “An Inconvienent Truth”?

Pros: Does exactly what it says and more
Cons: None

Five out of Five Dog Cows
5 out of 5 dog cows