Sunday, April 08, 2007

Book Review: Tech Savvy Real Estate Agent

The Tech Savvy Real Estate Agent

While this book was primarily written for Real Estate agents, the technology advice is applicable to any self-interested person who works with an established client base such as a mobile salesperson. The advice covers not just the programs to use, but how to set up your home office, and even some tips on how to use your cell phone.

As a technology consultant, I agreed with about 50-60% of his advice, partially because any book on technology is outdated the day after purchased. However, most of the advice was structural and will stand the test of time regardless of what program is used. His advice was extremely biased and assumed his way was the only way of doing something. The author takes us deep into his business operations and the reader can either do it his way or find another way. Ideally, the book should have given the reader multiple option for achieving their technology goals, especially when there isn't universal agreement on the idea.

Unfortunately, like the agent who quickly moves you through a house you expect to live in for the next 20 years, the author gave only a brief overview and lacked in the specific details on how to do something. The CD wasn't much help either. For example, he went into great detail on how to modify your website, but gave no advice or direction on how to do it. The book is designed to make you "savvy" but not an expert!

I'd recommend this book to any agent who hasn't quite figured out how to put their cell phone on vibrate or is still using a AOL or Earthlink email address on their business card. Agents who understand how to use email to keep in contact with their customers, have their own domain (and know what a domain is), and know how to create PDFs would find this book boring and would scratch their head and state "Well, duh, that's obvious." This book is for the agent that didn't grow up with technology.

Pros: Gives a good overview of how technology can help any salesperson, but in particular real estate agents
Cons: Very simplistic and often lack details on how to do something, and the alternatives