Sunday, July 15, 2007

FLVR: Saving Youtube Videos easily

Sometimes a product comes along that is so simple and so straightforward that there is very little to say about it. What do you say about a screwdriver–it drives screws and does it well. No FAQ needed! FLVR does one thing and one thing only: saving videos from web sites that normally prevent you from doing so, such as Myspace and Youtube. However it does this one thing better than anyone else currently out there.

After installing FLVR, there is an icon on your Safari toolbar of a movie camera. To save a recent video file, just click the movie camera and select any video recently viewed in Safari. Could it be any easier? In preferences you can specify where to save the file and its format, but it works fine without any tweaks. Now you can transfer those Youtube videos to your iPod and pretend you have an iPhone. Fool your friends!

When I read about the beta, I eagerly tried it. They developers were smart and allowed beta testers to buy the program for only $8.00. Now the program costs $15.00, still a bargain for what it does. My only complaint besides the name (which derives from the .flv extension of certain video files), is that it only works with Safari. It would be nice if it worked with Firefox, but that’s like saying you’d turn down the iPhone because it only comes in black!

Overall elegantly simple and powerful.

Pros: Works great for saving videos
Cons: Very small: only works in Safari.