Sunday, August 12, 2007

Marware Protection Pack Plus


Marware's Protection Pack Plus really fills the bill. Like Microsoft Office, the pack has three useful and unique products in the box. First is the cloth sleeve that protects and helps clean the outside of your Macbook. This should not be a primary form of protection like the typical padded notebook sleeves. It is designed only to protect the cosmetics of the computer. That's fine with me because it easily coordinates with almost any other protection strategy. Oddly and not surprising, the more I used it, the cleaner the exterior of my Macbook got. When I'd pull it out, it would gently polish the exterior of my Macbook. Also, don't forget Macs are about style. I did feel like some kind of celebrity pulling out my Macbook from it's secondary protective sleeve, as if it were the Hope Diamond or the prized knife of a Food Network star (I have one of those knives, but that's a whole other story).

In addition to the sleeve is a cloth screen protector. While I was never particularly concerned about the transfer of oils from the keyboard to the screen, the Macbook's glossy screen is impossible to clean, even with Meridrew's iKlean. However, like the notebook sleeve, my Macbook actually got cleaner the more I opened and closed the case. When a spot would show on my screen, the screen protector acted as a buffing cloth to quickly remove the scratches. Neat! (pun intended)

Finally are the wrist protectors. That part of my Mac would get the dirtiest. I'll use my Mac for hours and the oils from my wrists would look gross on my Macbook and also get transferred to the screen. Yuck. Here's the funny thing, though. I was accidentally sent the kit for the white macbook instead of the black. I was going to contact the company, but didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Ironically, it looks really cool. The Black and the White living in harmony. My only complaint is the lack of instructions. I had real trouble placing the wrist protector correctly, but that's my own lack of manual dexterity and the fact mom never let me play video games when I was a kid.

The kit does not include a trackpad protector, but other companies make trackpad protectors. Or maybe Marware thought that if they included that, they'd be too much like your grandmother's plastic slipcovers that covered everything.

Pros: Protects and enhances the cosmetics of your Mac

Cons: A bit tricky to place and lack of trackpad support.