Sunday, May 04, 2008

Book Review Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

My review of Leopard: The Missing Manual won't be nearly as complete as David Pogue's typical brilliance. How can someone write about the Mona Lisa? You must actually experience it to fully understand it. ( I just made my trip to France tax-deductible). As always, Pogue's Missing Manuals contain the nitty-gritty of every available function and possible combination. I compared the excellent Tiger edition with the Leopard edition side by side to see what changed.

The 300 extra functions in Leopard only added about 50 pages to the book, which is larger than a phone book and more complete! The Leopard edition had less handholding for Windows users, which is ironic because Boot Camp attracts more Windows users. Cut from the Tiger version of this book were among other things .Mac and iSync integration as well as some terminal tips and tricks.

Missing Manuals are well known for covering each and every function of the subject they cover and of course this version does not disappoint. Do you want to know the in-and-outs of Bluetooth on your Mac? No Problem. Screen Sharing? It's got it. Every single function of Leopard is covered. The book is designed as a reference guide, not a tutorial

This is not the book for basic user who just wants to send emails and surf. There will be too much information and the almost 900 pages will be intimidating. This is for the person that wants to eek every last ounce of performance and function from the computer. They squeeze the toothpaste to the very bottom and use double coupons for items on sale. Novices may also be turned off by no coverage of iLife.

Pros: It's all there. Every function, every System Preference. You name it, it's got it along with Pogue's style of easy to understand explanations

Cons: Consult a doctor before lifting this book, it's heavy. Might scare off novices.

Five out of Five DogCows

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