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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Book Review: Facebook Me!

We all know that Facebook is the hottest thing since maybe Friendster (anyone remember that?) or MySpace (does anyone go there anymore?), and unfortunately, Facebook constantly reinvents itself.

Whether you are logging on to Facebook for the first time, or are a pro, "Facebook Me!" will teach you some valuable tips and tricks on how to maximize your usage. The author takes the novice user through ever aspect of Facebook including a heavy emphasis on privacy and security. In particular, Awl's book will survive most Facebook interface changes because he focuses on the core values of why you are on Facebook and what you hope to accomplish. He handles such tricky issues as friending your boss and coworkers as well as to how to deal with friends who send you invites to every application known to man.

Awl gives great advice to new users on how to follow proper social mores on Facebook as well as how to prevent getting viruses on it. Experienced users will benefit from Awl's suggestions on topics such as how often and what to say in status updates and most important, how to check Facebook from work. Business owners in particular will benefit from this book's excellent explanation of pages, groups, and advertising on Facebook.

The book is extremely well organized so more experienced users can focus on the subject that interest them the most. A detailed table of contents helps readers hone in on their particular topics of interest and excellent use of color screen shots helps everyone visualize his descriptions. Although Facebook will surely redesign it's interface and the pictures will then look different, the concepts of keeping up with friends and acquaintances are at the core of Facebook. Awl's book is about how to use Facebook effectively, not merely a "how to" guide.

Pros: Well organized, detailed, perfect for novices and experienced users
Cons: Still doesn't tell me whether I should friend my Mom or not

Five out of Five Dogcows

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Friday, June 19, 2009

First Look: iPhone 3GS

So the day finally arrived. I had to have something new. This was one of the only times I have waited in line for technology. But was it worth it.

Like previous years, it seems, AT&T was disorganized and confused. Multiple lines, frustrated customers, and some walking out empty handed.

I started camping out at 2:30am and was the fourth in line for my local store in Lawrence, KS.

Two of the people in line were "pre-orders" which meant they would get to go into the store at 7am. Other people had to wait until 8am or until after all pre-orders were fulfilled. Everyone was pleasant and polite from about 2:30am until 6:00am.

The first woman in line got there at 11:00pm on Thursday after she got off work. Two high schoolers before me were pre-orders and had their mom in tow.

At 7:00am the pre-order folks started being allowed in the door.

A small disagreement ensued when the store manager said that the rest of us would have to wait until 9am. Never argue with a group of iPhone users who can quickly pull up AT&T's website on their phones, showing that the opening time for the general public was 8:00am!

Around 7:30 the pre-work pre-order crowd started arriving and were aghast and quite ornery that they couldn't just walk in and pick up an iPhone. Never have I been to an AT&T store or Apple store when I could just walk in and be helped; you need to meet with a "host" or "concierge", give them your name and wait in line. One gentleman started getting physical, but quickly realized forcing his way in would probably cause him to loose his iPhone.

Around 8:00am we walked in and I met with the guy with whom I confirmed upgrade eligibility yesterday - except he was wrong, or we miscommunicated. The reduced-price upgrade is per line not per account. A second line on a family plan is almost never eligible, because in their mind it's only a $10 phone. Huh? I pay $225 a month to AT&T and they say my account doesn't generate enough revenue for 2 iPhone 3GSes. Arrrgh. Being the gentleman, I let the spouse get the iPhone and I was quite irate, but realized I was helpless. I wasn't going to pay another $200 dollars. I don't know why, but the iPhone 3GS sounds way too much like the Apple IIGs

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dave is now Writing for The Apple Blog

I'm honored and excited to be writing for one of the top Apple Blogs on the web. Please continue to read my writings at The Apple Blog I'll continue to post links here to my TAB writings as well as do writings for some other blogs.

Thanks to my loyal readers for encouraging me and giving me great ideas!