Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things Just Got Ridiculous in the Apple/Adobe Conflict

As the war between Apple and Adobe reaches a "flashpoint" (pun intended),multiple Federal agencies want their piece of the pie. Is their concern meritorious or is this a power play?

I analyze that question in this TheAppleBlog article

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apple backup returns with an update

Apple recently updated their backup software included with MobileMe subscriptions. This version is significantly faster and more reliable, but time will tell. I wrote this article about my initial first impressions for TheAppleBlog.

This is a followup to my article back in November for TheAppleBlog about Apple's lack of updates to backup

Thursday, May 13, 2010

iPad iPad iPad

I've been pretty busy writing about iPad related stuff. Instead of listing these in separate posts, I'll just aggregate them together

Lingering iPad Question: Who Gets to Sell it?
In this post, I examine the question of who will get to sell the iPad. I made some predictions as to whom besides Apple will sell it. Apple said "select" Apple Specialists, but didn't indicate which ones.

iPad: It's all about the games
Apple "seeded" advance units of the iPad to some developers. The distribution was heavily skewed towards game developers. I examine why

Unboxing video: Who didn't do one of these. I met the UPS guy at the depot so I could be one of the first.

Quick Tip: How to Get an iPad Today Without the Lines: Dovetailing my article on who gets to sell the iPad, I inform readers that resllers are one of the great places to buy an iPad without waiting in line

Put a case on it: Protect your iPad Day 1 : I limited this article to only cases you could buy on day 1. A brief review of the options on sale for purchase on 4/3/10

Walkthrough: Initial iPad Setup: a detailed step by step guide on setting up the iPad.

iPhone vs. iPad: Do Games Really Scale That Well: In this article, I examine iPad game scaling when compared to a game specifically designed for the iPad

Whew. April 3rd was a busy day for me!

Apple Creating a Genius Squad?

Welcome back everyone. The move from FTP publishing from blogger was harder than I thought!

I wrote this article back in March about Apple's new Joint Venture. We aren't sure what it was, but I had some ideas I wrote for TheAppleBlog