Thursday, May 13, 2010

iPad iPad iPad

I've been pretty busy writing about iPad related stuff. Instead of listing these in separate posts, I'll just aggregate them together

Lingering iPad Question: Who Gets to Sell it?
In this post, I examine the question of who will get to sell the iPad. I made some predictions as to whom besides Apple will sell it. Apple said "select" Apple Specialists, but didn't indicate which ones.

iPad: It's all about the games
Apple "seeded" advance units of the iPad to some developers. The distribution was heavily skewed towards game developers. I examine why

Unboxing video: Who didn't do one of these. I met the UPS guy at the depot so I could be one of the first.

Quick Tip: How to Get an iPad Today Without the Lines: Dovetailing my article on who gets to sell the iPad, I inform readers that resllers are one of the great places to buy an iPad without waiting in line

Put a case on it: Protect your iPad Day 1 : I limited this article to only cases you could buy on day 1. A brief review of the options on sale for purchase on 4/3/10

Walkthrough: Initial iPad Setup: a detailed step by step guide on setting up the iPad.

iPhone vs. iPad: Do Games Really Scale That Well: In this article, I examine iPad game scaling when compared to a game specifically designed for the iPad

Whew. April 3rd was a busy day for me!