Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Review: My New iPad: A User's Guide

The "My New" series is designed for non-technical beginning users who need some hand-holding in confronting their new device. "My New iPad" is a perfect book for someone who has never used in iPad or iPhone and needs to be taught the very basics. Although the book claims intermediate users can learn tips and tricks, the book was too simplistic to be of any value to experienced users.

For the beginning, readers will find just the information they need to get up and running. Although the book is a thick 350 or so pages, it's a very quick read and includes a large number of pictures for reference purposes and learning about your iPad without actually having an iPad in front of you.

Instead of focusing on every feature, the book covers those features the average new user would be interested in. The books starts at the beginning: how to turn the iPad off and on. Instead of a list of every feature of every setting in alphabetical order, the presentation is based on how a user first approaches their iPad. First they turn it on, then customize it, then they get on the Internet and go from there. The last chapters focus on more advanced topics such as moving Microsoft Office docs to and from your iPad and suggested apps (although the app suggestions are extremely outdated). In the middle is a focus on practical aspects of iPad use - less about what an app does, and more how to integrate that app into your daily usage.

Overall, this book is great for a beginner to the iOS platform as well as the iPad user who bought one and quite can't figure out the best way to use it.

Pros: Well-illustrated with clear examples on usage, focuses on the features of the iPad the average user would be interested in a logical order
Cons: Simplistic for iPad users already comfortable with the device

4 out of 5 dogcows

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