Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review: Using iPhone

The “Using” series is a newer product by Que Publishing that extends the book’s reach to the web by including a full online version of the book supplemented by online audio and video. This is a great resource for an iPhone due to the hands on nature of the product.

This particular book does a great job of covering the key aspects of iPhone usage geared towards beginners to either the iPhone or the iPhone 4 operating system. The items applicable just to the iPhone 4 were clearly marked.

The flow of the book was to present a topic, let the reader practice the topic at hand, and when necessary enhance their learning with online supplements keeping the book relevant and timely.

Rather than being a how-to guide, this book’s focus is all about showing and doing. Intermediate iPhone users will find the book too basic to find it useful and lacking in killer tips and tricks, but beginners will really appreciate the step by step instructions for each aspect of the iPhone and the included apps by Apple.

Overall a great beginner book

Pros: Clear instructions supplemented by online content presented in a work-along manner
Cons: Very basic

4.5 out of 5 dogcows

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