Sunday, April 03, 2011

Book Review: Take your iPad to Work

Amazon/LAUG reivew: Take your iPad to work

Take your iPad to work is exactly what you’d expect from this book: how to use your iPad in business settings. The book forgoes all but the basic details of setup, troubleshooting and multimedia and focuses strictly on a suite of business apps.

The first half of the book assumes the user has not used an iPad, so issues of setup and configuration are first addressed. After knowing how to setup Mail, Safari and Mobile Me is when this book really takes off.

Instead of most books’ standard giving a cursory “Hey there’s iWork for the iPad”, each iWork application (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) is devoted its own chapter and includes key details in how to best utilize each application in order to get your job done.

Realizing that as of this writing Airprint is limited to a small group of printers, he devotes an entire chapter to printing from your iPad and how to use the often confusing PrintCentral and WePrint.

The last 22 chapters in the book focus on specific iPad business situations and their applicable apps: Remote Desktop (LogMeIn), Point of Sale (Quick Sale), Invoicing (Simple Invoice), Social Media (Facebook via Safari), Shipping (DST), Web Meetings (WebEx, Air Sketch), Blogging (BlogPress), Web Site Stats (Analytics HD), Task Management (Things), Project Management (SG Projects), CRM (Contacts Journal), Collaboration (SharePoint), and Travel (Kayak).

If you don’t have interest in any of the above business uses of the iPad, you might skip the book. However, if you are using the iPad in business, I can’t imagine you not needing one of those apps. I was both impressed and inspired by some of the ideas and pretty much downloaded every app suggested in the book. With so many apps out there it’s hard to know which ones are worth making the investment in learning. This book makes it easy

Overall, an excellent how to manual for making the iPad a critical business tool and the author has direct suggestions on how to maximize your use of the iPad. If you are using your iPad to play Angry Birds and watch Netflix only, this book isn’t for you!

Pros: Covers key business tools and apps
Cons: Could become outdated as new apps develop

Five out of Five

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