Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review: Lion Pocket Guide

For those of us familiar with previous version of the Mac operating system who simply want to know the new and exciting features of Lion, this book is a great companion. The book focuses on just what you need to thrive under this new feline.

The writing style is direct and straightforward and assumes familiarity and comfort with previous versions of MacOS such as Leopard or Snow Leopard. This is not a beginner's book and lacks the handholding and screen shots you'll find in a "non-technical" book.

Starting with the installation process, the book walks through the key features the average user needs to know about and ends with a great troubleshooting and short-cut guide. If you aren't a manual reader, this book is for you. It gives you just enough information to explore the features quickly without being bogged down by long explanations or tutorials. Consider this more of an outline and a getting started than a extensive manual on all things Lion, which is just what some of us need!

Pros: Short, succinct and just what you need to get started
Cons: Requires basic knowledge of MacOS, not for beginners.

Five out of Five

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review: Head First WordPress: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Blog

“Head First Wordpress” is a funny and iririrreveren guide to getting yourself up and running with Wordpress in a engaging and dynamic way. This is part technical manual, part exercise guide and part comic book - a weird amalgamation of learning modalities that keeps the reader from skipping over critical sections and avoids talking down to the user or above their head. This is a excellent intermediate to advanced guide.

This isn’t a reference guide but a how to book not just about the technical aspects of Wordpress, but how to create a really great site using Wordpress as an example. The book gives varying viewpoints on the nuances of a site such as ftp clients, themes and most importantly, security. You’ll learn how to use categories and tags effectively (they always confuse me). After completing the exercises in this book you’ll have a rock-solid site designed via Wordpress and know how to fix and modify it. You’ll know which functions are important and how to incorporate them into your site. Kick your consultant to the curb because after this you won’t need ‘em.

Even though I’ve read multiple books on Wordpress and have many sites already up and running, I wish I read this book from the beginning. I learned way too much the hard way and this book covers it all. The format made it a quick and easy read and although they say don’t skip the exercises, I did because I already have a site up and running. An excellent table of contents and index made it easy to find the features I wanted to learn about and skip the stuff I already knew

Pros: Outstanding how-to guide to creating a Wordpress site and optimizing its features as well as taking your site to the next level.

Cons: Not for beginners or those that don’t like cute fun. If you think a mullet is unprofessional or are afraid to rip the tags off your mattress, this book isn’t for you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

GigaOM: Review Roundup: Bluetooth car stereo iPhone adapters

In this article for GigaOM/TheAppleBlog, I examine the relatively small field of Bluetooth AD2P audio accessories for the iPhone

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GigaOM: 3 tips for taking your Mac in for service

In this article for GigaOM/TheAppleBlog, I talk about 3 key tips for taking your iMac in for service

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