Friday, December 09, 2011

Book Review: Facebook Me

Amazon Review Facebook me!

Title: Perfect for absolute beginners and great for intermediate users

If your parents are finally wanted to get on that "Facebook thing", then this book is ideal for them. This book walks you through the absolute basics of Facebook in a fun and relevant way. Rather than being a technical "how-to" book, this reads more like a tour guide of the Facebook universe. No technical knowledge or computer is required as the book is vividly annotated with screen shots of what you'd see on the computer.

Starting with the geography and setup of a Facebook account, the tour continues with each aspect of the Facebook world such as creating friends, privacy/security, applications, groups and pages. Along the way tips and tricks are given for navigating the tricky social and moral issues that come up such as how to properly "defined" and the risks of friending coworkers and the boss. If Facebook actually had a printed manual, this would be it!

Throughout the book, strong and practical advise is given on how to protect yourself and your privacy for what you post and ultimately explaining that anything you do put on Facebook can end up with untended consequences.

Intermediate Facebook users will find the advanced topics such as groups, pages and advertising extremely valuable. Don't skip the first part of the book because you may have missed a few interesting things in your Facebook journey and this book leaves no stone unturned.

If you, or someone you love is new to Facebook, this book will get you up and running and make you the master of Facebook, until it changes. Even when it changes (and some info in the book is already out of date), the principles of usage remain the same. I recommend giving it to anyone that is new to Facebook.

Pros: Easy to read with details practical tips throughout
Cons: Like any book about Facebook, some information is already out of date

Five out of Five Dogcows
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