Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Review: The Mac OS X Lion Project Book

The Mac OS X Lion Project Book, despite it's title, isn't as much a book about Lion, as a book about how to use a Mac with Lion to do certain neat projects. Most Mac users can figure out email and surfing the web, but what about taking your DVD collection and putting in on your Mac.

Before purchasing this book, read through the projects. Even if one of them interest you, the book will be a great value. If you aren't interested in any of this, then it's rob ably worth taking a pass on this one. Projects are as follows

1) Organizing your files
2) Mastering Spotlight searches
3) Printing to save paper
4) Installing applications purchased at teh Mac App store
5) Providing Remote Technical Support
6) Remote controlling a Mac in your home
7) Accessing your files remotely from another Mac
8) Using DropBox
9)) Copying DVD content to your Mac
10) Basic photoshop editing and touch ups
11) Creating a slideshow
12) Using rapid weaver for a fmaily website
13) RSS Feeds
14) Configuring TextExander
15) Full screen mode to avoid distractions
16) Audio Podcasting
17) Setting up Time Machint alongside a cloning solutions
18) Using your signature in a PDF

Each of these projects are short--just four of five pages. The book is easy to understand and the projects are fun and relevant. They assume a basic to intermediate knowledge of Lion. No explations of files or how to click a mouse is included. This is direct an to the point weekend projects.

Since I knew how to do all of this or the things I didn't know didn't interest me, I didn't find the book that valuable. I learned this stuff the hard way through trial and error. However if someone asked me how to do any of these small projects, you bet I'll suggest this book.

New Mac users that simly want to feel more comfortable with their Mac and need some ideas of projects on how to achieve that comfort this book would be ideal. If I did Macintosh tutoring this would be a great companion manual.

Overall, a fun book for intermediate Mac users with relevant and interesting projects.

Pros: Excellent digest of fun projects to get to know Lion and your Mac better
Cons: Limited scope if you already know how to do these things or if they don't interest you.

Five out of Five