Sunday, December 02, 2012

Book Review: OS X Mountain Lion the missing manual

Books in the Missing Manual series are consistently the most comprehensive books for novice and intermediate users. In its usual brilliance, this hefty volume covers most every feature of the new operating system along with a few tips and tricks along the way.
As Apple makes minor revisions to its operating system, Pogue has gotten a bit lazy in updating screen shots and some information in the book. Numerous screenshots show pictures from Lion and earlier operating system versions. A novice user might get confused by these subtle variations. This edition, more than any other edition I’ve seen in Missing Manuals had errors caused by not updating certain sections.
That being said the major new features are covered extremely well and the guide to dictation was valuable. The chapter covers the exact syntax of commands and expertly discusses what dictation can and can’t do. I would have liked to see more direct highlights of new Mountain Lion features so readers could hone in if they are upgrading from Lion.
New users might be overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the book. It covers most every function and doesn’t easily sort out what you “need” to know and what is “nice” to know.
Overall a great tome on everything OS X Mountain Lion, but be careful about the errors.
Pros: Great coverage of Mountain Lion
Cons: Occasional annoyances referencing Lion features
Four out of Five Dogcows