Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review: Windows 8 The Missing Manual

Like many users I was initially very skeptical of Windows 8.  The changes were not intuitive and the removal of the Start menu in exchange for the Start screen is downright confusing.  However this book does an excellent job of explaining the interface for desktop users. Windows 8 the missing manual is a great companion for any Windows 8 user.
Typical of the Missing Manual series this includes an in depth analysis of the 20% of the features you’ll use 80% of the time while still introducing the list of features you’ll use that extra 20% of the time.  No stone is left unturned, but the presentation is straightforward and easy to understand without being overwhelming.
When presenting functions, both the “Tile World” (Start Screen) and traditional desktop interfaces are covered.  While the basics are reviewed, missing from the book are the detailed troubleshooting steps I’ve seen in previous versions, but ideally Windows 8 should have less problems.  In particular, the appendix translating XP/Vista/7 functions into Windows 8 is a must have guide for anyone who is a bit perplexed by what changed in Windows 8.
If Microsoft issued this with every Windows 8 machine, people might actually start enjoying the new operating system.  I sure did!

Pros: Excellent support for Windows 8 key features
Cons: None!

Five out of Five Dogcows