Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review: Raspberry Pi Cookbook

I'll admit that I've always wondered about the Raspberry Pi: the tiny little computer that can do so many things. I wasn't sure where to start since I’ve never used one before.This book was heavy on the ideas and specific ways of utilizing device in a high level technical format.The book jumps right in and ignores the handholding and step by steps I often find in other books and goes right into Python and using GPIO. This isn't a complaint, but these recipes were a bit intimidating.

The middle section of the book was the most interesting:what can you actually do with a PI such as setup a webcam or a game emulator.I would have liked more expansion in this area rather than the heavy programming and hardware interfaces (dip switches and jumpers scare me!)

If you are programer wanting to get into Pi then this is a great book for you, but if you are a hobbyist wanting to simply play with a Pi and see what it can do for you, this may not be the best book

Four out of Five