Monday, January 20, 2014

Hardware Review: Mobile Home

The Mobile Home has a very specific market:  your need a car that has built in Bluetooth that is compatible with Siri.  If you can press your home button and interact with Siri in your car, this is the product for you.  Basically it takes that home button function and turns it into a wireless device you can place in a safer position.

It’s about the size of a small garage door opener and it works best clipped onto your visor, but you can put it other places such as your steering wheel.  Pair it with your phone and when you press the Mobile Home button, Siri activates as if you were pressing the home button on your phone.

This is a safety device as it allows you to interact with your phone without having to fumble around.  When I first got it I thought “$80 for a home button” but after I had it I found myself using Siri more and picking up my phone less.  My hands stayed close to the wheel and moreover, I wasn’t tempted to look at my phone when I picked it up.  It was safer for me to press the Mobile Home button than it was to adjust my radio or my AC.

Since it’s a Bluetooth device, it must establish a connection with your phone each time you go in the car.  The problem is it has no way of knowing you are in the car, so the first time you press the button when entering in your car the Mobile Home “wakes up” and establishes its Bluetooth connection.  This is kinda annoying as it’s not immediately available to you.  What I’ve learned to do is if I’m going to be going on a moderate drive, I’m sure to wake up Mobile Home first.

This is really a brilliant device and the price is steep, but if you use your phone often in the car, this is a much safer way of doing it

Pros:  Easy access to Siri
Cons:  Delay in pairing, price

4 out of 5