Monday, January 20, 2014

Software Review: CollageIt Pro

This program has one purpose that’s obvious from the title: grouping photos into a collage.  You can arrange them via a variety of templates or go free form if you wish.  You can put up to 200 photos within a collage, though obviously they won’t scale well.  There are two versions of this program which is confusing and somewhat deceiving.  The free version only lets you create a collage while the pro version also allows you to crop the pictures as well as put text in them. The program provides essentially the same functionally as the Projects from within iPhoto but with slightly more options and you don’t need to buy a print after creating it.

Within the program you can import photos from iPhoto as well as drag and drop directly into the gallery.  Once you’ve got the pictures in the program you can arrange them on the page in a free form mode or using different templates provided such as mosaic, grid, center and pile.  After you know where the pictures should be placed on the collage you can then create a background and (in the pro version) add text and crop the photos.  You’ve got quite a bit of options here as to how things should look.  Additional customizations as far as number of rows, columns and spacing in between pictures are included.  The options can be a bit overwhelming, but the default settings do a good job.

Once you create your collage you can print it or export it as a picture file in a variety of file formats as well as directly as a desktop image, email, or into iPhoto or Facebook.  Once you’ve got it into iPhoto you then have all the great print options available within that program. The online help walks you through all the steps rather nicely

Although this is a one trick pony, the function it provides is really nice.  I dislike the two different program options as it’s confusing and the $29.99 price for the pro version is a bit steep, but if you’ve got photos that you want to arrange in a unique and interesting way and you want to extend it beyond iPhoto, Collage (Pro) is for you

Pros:  Great tool for making a picture out of pictures

Cons:  Price

Four out of Five